I have been playing tabletop role-playing games (pen and paper) since I was in my early years, around 10ish. My first exposure was an overnight lock-in at a store that sold D&D. I may have made it until about 10 PM before I passed out like an elf that had too much wine. However, before falling asleep on my laminate bed of shop floor I found myself as a thief exploring a cave of goblins search for kidnapped children. I wasn’t sure what to make of the first few minutes of the game. I didn’t create my own character, the family friend I was there with did it for me. As the story progressed and the characters were venturing into the dark cave, 10-year-old me, was captivated. I most did was I was told I should do. My little human thief stabbed a goblin with my little dagger. I was so excited when I was told I killed it.

I was hooked at that moment. I fall so deeply in love with Dungeon and Dragons that I bought and borrowed books to learn more and more. I even stole a 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons book once.

I’ve been a player, and DM many times over the years since. I didn’t play anything other than Dungeons and Dragons until I was nearly in my late teens when a friend of a friend found something called Rifts by Palladium Books. It was at this point I realized there were more options.

I tried to get more and more. StarWars, Mage, Shadow Run, Pathfinder and more. But through it all, I’ve always had a fondness for D&D. I even read the novels: DragonLance, GreyHawk, Forgotten Realms, and Eberron. Dragonlance is by far my most favorite setting in the D&D world, with DarkSun a close second.

Now I want to share all my ideas and creativity with all of the world. I hope you will enjoy my content.